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Ana Stork graduated from Platt College of Art and Design, and one of her first jobs in the design industry was working for Adrienne Weiss Corporation. At the time, Adrienne Weiss Corporation was a pioneer in the branding industry, and that work instilled knowledge in Ana that still holds true today: Successful branding starts with the choice of logo, tagline, color palette, and consistent visual and textual messaging.


Ana's next experiential growth was in print production. A working mom in Los Angeles with a daughter starting kindergarten, she decided to not spend her days in traffic and instead looked for a position close to home. As luck would have it, she found a print-production position just a three-minute walk from her house at Color OnDemand. As the only designer on staff, she was meeting and greeting clients about projects while the printing press was in the next room bringing designs to life. Having instant access to press checks, talking directly to the pressman, and learning the tricks of the print-production trade taught Ana that how something is printed is essential to being a great print designer.


In her future positions in the fashion industry at Ed Hardy, BCBG, and The Walking Company, she quickly advanced from being a senior print designer to leading the print production and creative departments. At Ed Hardy, she served as Visual Print Manager for 25 retail stores and 18 outlets. For The Walking Company, she was a Senior Designer overseeing printing for over 150 stores.

As the industry evolved, and as a business’s online presence and marketing became even more important, Ana evolved too, and her skill set includes valuable insight and knowledge of digital marketing, social media, and SEO.


Ana started her experience in all things digital as a Visual Design Consultant for the Los Angeles-based Metiri Group, a leading pioneer and specialist in digital learning. Then, from 2016 through 2020, Ana joined Lee & Associates as Marketing Director, where she further honed her digital marketing skills in the commercial real estate industry.


Now, after nearly two decades working for top design firms, Ana's mission is to make smart marketing accessible to every single business. As an independent designer, she puts her time and years of expertise toward helping provide comprehensive design services that turn clients’ visions into reality with logos, brochures, menus, business cards, books, annual reports, PowerPoints, responsive websites, SEO optimization, UI, and more.


Additionally, Ana is the founder of openiartspace a nonprofit organization helping to promote the arts.


Website Design
Digital and Print Design

Print Production

Email Marketing

Social Media Posting

Social Media Ads Management

Google Ads

SEO Management

SEO Content Writing

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